Ralph “Dr. Plik Plok” Montejo was raised in the Northern California Bay Area Soul/Funk era of music in the 1970s and early 1980s. He responded to music via dance movement very early in his childhood, referencing as far back the 1974 hit song “Dancing Machine” released by the Jackson 5. A product of the Bay Area. One of the founding members of the BRS ALLIANCE. A group that campaigns to grow the Bay Area Dance styles worldwide. Ralph has worked on "Hi Hat” Ruffin for Missy Elliott’s Ladies First Concert Tour, Madonna’s Confessions Tour (2006) on the song “Ray of Light”, Chris Brown’s track “Picture Perfect” for CB’s Up Close and Personal Concert Tour (2007), and ABC’s Dancing With The Stars – The Results Macy’s 150th Anniversary “Dancing Through the Decades” Episode (2008). Ralph continues to share his knowledge taking his dance workshops to Europe with long time friend Loni "POPTART " Green. 

Dr. Plik Plok (Uncle Ralph) has been a key part of the visual performance that makes Pacific Soul Band. Providing workshops and dance boot camps that focuses on performance details. His contributions have taught Pacific Soul Band how to perform for that fan all the way in the nosebleed section of the stadium. Big movements, energy and hitting your parts are key to selling it.  Connect  to your people so they remember you put on a memorable show.